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Reta: The Worst Kind of Monster  - DVD

It was the Summer of 2018, when the rumors started about several suspicious deaths occurring at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia.


American veterans were checking into their local Veterans Affairs hospital for care, but they were not checking out.  As the number of the deaths increased, so did the silence from the United States government.   When the death toll reached a dozen, the government conceded that this was the work of a serial killer and classified the deaths as homicides.

Reta: The Worst Kind of Monster is a journey into the life of serial killer Reta Mays told from her son’s perspective.  Since 2019, when his mother was named ‘the person of interest’ for the murders of multiple Veterans, Brandon Mays met with filmmakers and revealed shocking information about his mother and the investigation. Just how did this nursing aide become one of America’s most horrific ‘Angel of Death’ serial killers?



60 Minutes



“This explosive docudrama shows the sinister plot on how a former nursing aide at the hospital, Reta Mays, killed American veterans.


“Reta: The Worst Kind of Monster is an intimate look into the life of West Virginia’s worst serial killer Reta Mays.”







Reta: The Worst Kind of Monster - DVD

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