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10-Year-Old Girl’s Dream to Write a Faith Movie Comes True.

Ellie Mae Smith, a 10-year-old from Surprise AZ, asked her dad to help her make a Christian film. So, he did what most dads would do. He pulled out his iPhone and playfully suggested to start filming. This is not what she had in mind.

Young Ellie wanted to a make a full length, high quality Christian film, and she was serious. That’s when she pitched her idea.

Jeff Smith, Ellie’s dad, recalls, “Ellie had already been an actress in a few faith films and theater performances at school. I was amazed that she had already been working on a script.”

Ellie had scripted out a story called Hope about a family that goes through a loss of a child, but through their faith, they were able to overcome.

Now, this is where the story gets interesting.

A few weeks later, Ellie had been cast in a small role on a film called Miracle at Manchester starring acting Dean Cain. While on the set, she briefly pitched her Hope script to Cain and Producer Jason Campbell from JCFilms Studios. The two not only loved story but the passion she had to make faith films.

The film Hope was born. This summer JCFilms Studios will be producing her film in Orlando, FL with the film starring actor Dean Cain.

“Ironically, this story of Hope will play out two meanings on the big screen. We are just so happy to have met this amazing young talented lady,” Campbell said.

If you’d like to learn more about this film project and find out about casting opportunities, please visit

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