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2024 JCFilms Studios Short Film Challenge!

As we embark into 2024, we at JCFilms Studios are on a mission to make more films that cinematically point people to Jesus.  In fact, we are gearing up for several new faith filled, devil stompn’, salvation sharing movies.  We are calling this new series of films REMEMBER ME.  And we’d love all of our JCFilms Studios Production Clubs around the world to participate.


In fact, we’re launching the 2024 JCFilms Studios Short Film Challenge and awarding over $30,000 to the winners. 



According to Luke 22, Jesus was hosting a dinner with his followers on a Thursday night. We call it the Last Supper.  During the dinner, Jesus took the wine and bread and symbolically said ‘Remember Me.’  The next day, Jesus was crucified and ironically, the thief on the cross next to Jesus asked him, ‘Remember Me.’


You see, I believe at that moment when that thief said that to Jesus he was saved, and the angels rejoiced.  This thief had nothing to bring to Jesus. He could not bring church attendance. He could not bring his giving record. He could not bring his baptism. Good works could not save him because he didn’t have any. All he had was two things: he had a Savior’s grace and a sinner’s faith.


"REMEMBER ME is the theme for the 2024 JCFilms Studios Short Film Challenge and we hope this theme sparks your imagination," says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.


We are inviting each of our 24 Production Clubs around the world to submit a short film (5 Minutes or under) on this theme.  The top THREE winning films will receive $10,000 to help turn their short film into a feature film.  



​The theme can be interpreted in a literal sense or a metaphorical sense. Your project can be a personal story or a larger, societal story, using fiction or a documentary format. Your story can be as intimate as a character struggling to get through the day with hopes of a better tomorrow, or it can be as grand as documenting a unique salvation experience. Your subject can be told through a comedic lens or a dramatic lens…science fiction or reality…but it should be an inspiring take on salvation and the advancement of HIS kingdom.



  • You must be a member of one of our JCFilms Studios Production Clubs.

  • The film must be presented as a Production Club film that you are a part of.

  • Each Production Club can only submit ONE FILM.

  • We will accept films up to 5 minutes in in length, of any genre.

  • Films must be family friendly.

  • The film must be your own original work.

  • You must have the correct license for any materials used within the film. There is no fee for submissions.

  • Films must be submitted on or before May 15, 2024.



  • All submissions and winners will be announced at the RISEUP CON on May 31 and June 1, 2024, at RISEUP CON in Sevierville, TN. Click Here to Learn More about RISEUP CON. JCFilms Studios is an Official Sponsor of RISEUP CON.


  • Each film will be presented in front of a live audience at RISEUP CON. Each club will have five to seven minutes after presenting their film for an audience Q&A. 


  • Your film will be judged by actors Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Eddie McClintock. 


  • For full competition terms, please contact theKirk Ayers, Director of the 2024 JCFilms Studios Short Film Challenge at

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