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A 'SUPER' funny Casting Experience!

JOSH NOVEY is a popular Christian comedian; he’s an Iraq War Veteran and he just got his break into faith-based films thanks to the help of actor Dean Cain (a.k.a. Superman) and a very funny social media post.

JCFilms Studios is a faith and family film studio that produces over twenty feature films each year. Dean Cain has been a reoccurring actor for the film ministry since 2014.

Recently, the president in JCFilms Studios, Jason Campbell and Cain were talking about a new film being produced by Dominic Giannotti and the South Florida JCFilms Production Club.

The film is called FOURTH and 44. It’s a Christian comedy that tells the true story of Marty Reichman, an out-of-shape, forty-four-year-old man that becomes one of America’s oldest college football players.

Campbell asked for Dean’s help in finding the right actor to play the lead role of Marty Reichman. Dean agreed and started his search. His first pick was a winner, but how he found Josh Novey is hilarious.

Using the best casting tool available for the super actor, Dean googled, ‘Fat Christian Comedians’ and Josh was first on the list. Dean then reached out to Josh, however his search criteria ‘Fat Christian Comedians’ was still in the feed.

“It was the funniest thing. At first, I didn’t believe I was getting a message from Dean Cain, but then he called me, we talked and laughed for about an hour and had the best time,” remembers Josh from their first happenstance.

Later, Jason followed up with Josh, the two shared a laugh and Josh was cast in not one but two new faith films including the lead role in their film FOURTH and 44. It can be truly said that God works in mysterious ways!

“I’m just looking forward to working with Dean on set and partnering with JCFilms Studios in making great films to change the culture for Christ,” Josh said.

Production of FOURTH AND 44 is set to start November 1, 2023, in West Palm Beach, Fl. For more information CLICK HERE.

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1 opmerking

You go Josh!!!! You’ve come so far from humble beginnings as a Gator at UF living at University Terrace West #104 with Allison Bass & her Dad Bill! Break a leg dude!

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