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Another Florida JCFilms Production Club.

Award-Winning filmmaker and producer, Dominic Giannetti is teaming up with JCFILMS STUDIOS and actor Dean Cain, to launch the Palm Beach JCFilms Production Club.

The three of them recently met on set of a movie Dominic’s daughter was cast. They decided South Florida needed a JCFilms Production Club and Dominic was the perfect person to lead it.

JCFILMS STUDIOS operates about a dozen of these satellite Production Clubs around the world. Each club not only produces faith and family entertainment, but they collaborate with other creative people of faith in their communities.

“Although I create content across a variety of genres (and will continue to do so), after meeting with Jason Campbell and Dean Cain, I felt compelled to help start a Palm Beach chapter of their production clubs," said Dominic Giannetti.

Whether working on major studio productions or producing independent tv/film projects for the last 4 decades - his greatest passions are to help people and help make South Florida a creative hub. Dominic is also known for his community efforts - from running film festivals to starting a non-profit acting & film school.

The purpose of the Palm Beach Production Club is to cultivate a community of likeminded filmmakers, creators, and talent who come together to produce family-friendly feature films with positive and impactful messages that cut across into mainstream audiences. This new venture will provide the community with even more opportunities to create, learn and make a difference.

Be sure to follow the Palm Beach Production Club on Facebook HERE and Instagram for more announcements and join us as we get ready to kick off the first feature film with Jason and Dean!

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