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Awake, NOT WOKE!

JCFilms Studios is producing a series of films called ‘AWAKE, NOT WOKE’ with Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock and Kevin Sorbo. All of the films are right off the headlines.  

A TASTE OF PRAISE is based on a true story about a baker that declined to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay couple.  His faith-based decision led to a discrimination lawsuit that threatened his livelihood and shook his family to the core. 

CANCEL ME NOT is a new film that explores this new fascination we have with canceling anyone we disagree with and how this practice is being cultivated on college campuses.  A story of a famous Hollywood actor that was wrongfully accused and then gets CANCELLED.

THE TWITTER FILES is a true to life depiction of how TWITTER became the doorman to a vast program of social media surveillance and censorship, encompassing agencies across the federal government.  

MIGRANTS tells the story of a small rural Florida church that opens its doors to hundreds of immigrants.  The film explores the many challenges the church community endures in its efforts to show compassion to the immigrant families

AND, GOD MAD MAN is a film that explains this cultural shift.  Lindsay McCabe was the fastest female swimmer in the state.  Destined to secure a college scholarship she unexpectedly loses that opportunity when a male transgender high school senior beats her at the district championships.  Armed to fight this new inclusive terminology proposed in Title 9, Lindsay and her team of lawyers fight for common sense justice.


Learn More:  CLICK HERE. 

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