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Becoming AWARE of UNAWARE!

Are you aware that 40% of our actions are habits? For most of us, we don’t think about every little thing we do during the day. But we know that our actions speak. Your works are words. The question is what are they saying?

This October, JCFilms Studios is teaming up with filmmaker David Kashner to produce a faith film to challenge people of faith to be more aware that sometimes our actions speak louder than words

The film UNAWARE will feature actors Milly Figuereo, Kevin Sorbo, Cameron Arnett and Braeden Sorbo and will produced in Orlando, Florida.

“Being able to work with these titans of the Christian film world is definitely answered prayer. We have a great cast and God had put the people around me to get this vision on film,” says David Kashner, writer, and director of the film.

To learn more about UNAWARE please visit

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