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BREAK THE CYCLE. Ending Generational Incarceration

Updated: May 30, 2023

Did you know that it’s an 82% chance that child with a parent in prison will end up in prison? The statistics are staggering.

That’s why Proverbs226 exists. For over a decade, this evidence-based non-profit ministry has been committed to healing families affected by parental incarceration. And their results are even more staggering.

Proverbs226 founder, Cyril Prabhu explains, “we want to do whatever we can to help children impacted by parental incarceration feel equipped to change the trajectory of their lives.”

One such tool is a new faith and family film they are producing in partnership with actor Dean Cain and JCFilms Studios and 24 Flix Studios.

The film is being called BREAK THE CYCLE and tells true stories of how children are rebuilding their relationships with absent parents. Prabhu explains, “when we bring fathers back into the lives of these children, crime in America will come down.”

Production for BREAK THE CYCLE is scheduled for February 2023 and will be produced in Charlotte, NC. Producers of the film will be hosting OPEN AUDITIONS on January 28, 2023. For more information please visit:

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