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Columbus, GA! New Production Club Announcement.

Columbus, Georgia is becoming a new hot spot for faith and family films. This past year, we saw a few great ones like “Lifemark” along with ‘Run the Race’ being produced in Columbus. So, when acting studio owner, Heather Huskey reached out about starting a JCFilms Production Club in South Georgia, we said, ‘YES!”

JCFILMS STUDIOS currently operates about twenty satellite Production Clubs around the world. Each club not only produces faith and family entertainment, but they collaborate with other creative people of faith in their own communities.

The purpose of this new club in Columbus, GA is to cultivate the existing community of likeminded filmmakers and talent to come together and produce more films with positive and impactful messages.

Heather Husky is a military wife with a passion for photography and the film industry. She has travelled the world and says she has been following JCFilms Studios for many years. In 2019, she responded to a casting call for a film ‘The Zombie Club.’

She explains, “Now after being stationed at Fort Benning in GA for 6yrs, I have opened a studio and I’m taking a leap of faith in becoming a become part of a team that does amazing things, and I couldn't be more excited!”

Be sure to follow this new Columbus, GA Production Club by clicking HERE.

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