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Eddie McClintock Returns Home to Produce a New Feature Film.

Updated: Jan 20

Eddie McClintock, a successful Hollywood actor that has appeared in over 200 television shows like, Warehouse 13, Desperate Housewives, Friends, Bones and The King of Queens is focusing now more on producing and directing. And he wants to come home to do it.

McClintock who grew up in North Canton, Ohio and played football and wrestled for Hoover High School, is bringing his personal life experiences into a new film called TAKEDOWN.

TAKEDOWN, based on McClintock’s high school years as a troubled teen balancing life between the wrestling mat and his passion for the arts. The film is a true-life depiction of the many challenges the young McClintock encountered and how these trials are relevant in today’s culture for young people.

TAKEDOWN will be written and directed by McClintock and will be produced in connection with JCFilms Studios North Canton Production Club. JCFilms Studios is a faith and family film ministry that already partnered with McClintock on over a dozen films.

Production of TAKEDOWN is set to start in February 2024 in North Canton. McClintock will be hosting a kick-off to the production of the film at the JCFilms Studios North Canton Production Club meeting on Sunday, November 12th at 2PM at the Mission View Church in North Canton.

Those interested in being involved in TAKEDOWN are welcome to attend. For more information CLICK HERE

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That's awesome! I've had a bit of a "rediscovery" of Eddie McClintock this year when I visited a family member who had the first season of W13. And I just screened Miracle on Manchester this week. I believe that's my first exposure to JC film's. Is there a list somewhere of the other 11 films? I was chuffed to see he had directed that one too. I thought it was very well put together. No over-acting, well lit, good camera angles. Everything was great! I stumbled across it on Prime. Now I want more of that! Keep glorifying God like you are! I am among those blessed by it!

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