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Updated: Apr 22

A LIFE OF PURPOSE is a new faith film that tells the story of how one family turns tragedy into blessings. Produced by the San Diego California JCFilms Production, A LIFE OF PURPOSE is set to be released in the Fall of 2024.

And, A LIFE OF PURPOSE features many of the same faces from our hit film, MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER, including actors Dean Cain and Eddie McClintock.

Jake Palmer (Eddie McClintock) is a family man struggling with prescription pill addiction due to a severe back injury. With the help of his Pastor (Dean Cain) he finds the strength to fight his addiction. Kidnapping, homelessness betrayal, and greed all play a role in this fast-paced faith adventure.

As many in San Diego are aware, MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER was one of the largest community film efforts ever produced by JCFilms Studios and LIFE OF PURPOSE is a grat follow-up to that film!

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explains, “Our purpose has always been two-fold; create quality Christian films and provide opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making.”

MIRACLE AT MANCHESTER had over 500 local volunteers that participated in the film and now some of these faith-film enthusiasts created the JCFilms San Diego Production Club and worked directly on this new film.

JCFilms Studios already operates more than two dozen production clubs across America and most of these clubs are already creating and producing their own films.

According to Campbell, these clubs are designed as a hub for Christian movie making, from script writing to acting; the goal of these Clubs is to tell Christ centered redemptive stories through film by creating compelling, entertaining, and wholesome content.

To learn more about the JCFilms San Diego Production Club please (click here.)

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