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Awake Not Woke: God Made Man

Last year, JCFilms Studio launched a new film series called: “Awake Not Woke.” The purpose of these films is to alert people of faith to what is really happening and how post-modernists are hijacking American free speech and personal liberties.

So far, three films in the series have been produced with actors Eddie McClintock, Dean Cain and Jana Lee Hamblin. A Taste of Praise tells the story of the Colorado Baker that refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake. The Twitter Files tells the story of government influence on social media. Cancel Me Not explains cancel culture. All of these films are set to be released in the Summer 2024.

These are all anti-American topics, yet nothing, I mean nothing shows America’s ‘wokeness’ more than allowing transgender men to share locker rooms and compete in female athletics.

Today, our politicians and media have convinced a new generation that gender is a flexible trait based on the idea that anatomy is not an absolute, and that you can now just choose what gender you want to be.

Make no mistake, our young people are buying it! In fact, Time magazine called transgender the next civil rights movement. And those not willing to accommodate this transgender perception are chastised and called backwards thinking or bigots.

GOD MAD MAN is a film that explains this cultural shift. Lindsay McCabe was the fastest female swimmer in the state. Destined to secure a college scholarship she unexpectedly loses that opportunity when a male transgender high school senior beats her at the district championships. Armed to fight this new inclusive terminology proposed in Title 9, Lindsay and her team of lawyers fight for common sense justice.

GOD MADE MAN is expected to be produced during the Summer 2024. This is joint production effort with Sposi Novelli Productions. For more information about the film, please contact Jason Campbell. or CLICK HERE

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