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Last year, JCFilms Studios released a a multi-plot film called CHOSEN that followed six different families as they each discover an intertwined journey in regards to adoption and foster care. CHOSEN featured actors Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain and quickly became a popular faith-based film for families considering adoption and fostering.

Now the film ministry is creating a new film about the subject but this time it is based on true story.

Let's face it; the foster care system in America is broken.  Today, there are more than 400,000 children in America’s foster care system, and they are without a doubt, the most vulnerable and neglected members of our society.  Why is that? And, why are so many children falling through the cracks?

Consider these staggering new statistics:

  • Foster kids are four times more likely than other children to attempt suicide

  • Close to one-fifth of the U.S. prison population is comprised of former fosters

  • Half of young adults who leave foster care will develop a substance use dependence

  • About 70% of youth who exit the foster care system are arrested at least once by age 26 

  • As high as 80% of foster care children suffer from significant mental health issues

  • One-in-five foster children are homeless at age 18

I HAVE A NAME, inspired by a true events, not only takes a closer look at the foster care system but examines the bureaucracies and the policies that have become ineffective and unsuccessful.


The film goes beyond the usual excuses like staffing shortages, high caseload, low pay and directs its attention to the mindset of those who are on the job.   


Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios explains, “something else is going on here and according to a recent report, 60% of child trafficking victims have histories in foster care, we need to do something.”


I HAVE A NAME is not all critical of the foster care system. The film recognizes that there are many good child welfare workers and good judges.  However, the producers of the film want the message to be a voice for the children that are suffering innocently while exposing aspects of child protection that need to be changed.


I HAVE A NAME will feature actor Dean Cain and will produced in West Virginia and Georgia in April of 2024. For More Information: Click Here


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