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It's all about HISTORY!

Voltaire said, “History should be written as philosophy.”  I say history should be written for film. 


One such story is that of famed abolitionist John Brown who believed he had been called by God to embark on a personal crusade to end slavery.  So, in 1854, Brown along with his five sons waged war against slavery in Kansas. 


I'll be honest, the fight against slavery in Kansas never in my history books growing up, however, his insurrection made him both infamous and immortal in growing the northern abolitionists movement during the Civil War.


And nobody knows these stories better JCFilms Sabetha Production Club Director, Dort Goodman.  Recently, Jessica Adams and Jason Jeske from JCFilms visited Dort and her team in Kansas to start pre-production of a new feature film, JOHN BROWN: THE ADVOCATE.


“Dort is an amazing historically accurate storyteller that has a passion for telling American history showing the struggles in life and faith our country experienced in pursuit of Freedom: where every man and woman is created equal,” said Jessica Adams, Executive Director of JCFilms Studios.


JOHN BROWN: THE ADVOCATE will not only be JCFilms Studios first film about the 1800’s but a war film depicting reenactments of the civil war. 


Adams explains, “We are excited to be working with Dort Goodman and the Sabetha, KS Production Club in the making of a historical-based film of American history where the Declaration of Independence becomes reality.


Those interested in becoming a member of the cast should CLICK HERE.  Production of JOHN BROWN: THE ADVOCATE will start on March 8, 2024.

To learn more about the JCFilms Studios Sabetha, KS Production Club CLICK HERE.

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