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JCFilms Africa!

Meet Wandera Joseph Mutusa from Uganda, Africa.

Read what he wrote to us, “I always follow JCFilms Clubs, and I love the work you are doing. When I saw your vision, it matches mine; to spread the Gospel because we can work together to help the Africans know more about God.”


Wandera Joseph Mutusa is so far removed from the triviality of this industry, but he gets it! He wants to be a Christian filmmaker to share Christ. Not to advance his resume, not to win a laurel and not to criticize others unfairly.

Wandera wants to start an African JCFilms Production Club. It would be the second international club we have created this year.

When asked why, he said, “I want to make faith-based films because I want to spread the Word of God through movies because I may not be able to build a church, but I can make one movie that glorifies God.”

Wow, again! I needed to hear that!

Wandera was raised by a single mother and has eight brothers and sisters. He attends ‘God of Truth Global Church’ and is an online student of film at John 3:16 Film school where he recently awarded Best Christian Film Director, by the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC).

His goals are huge. Including educating the youth in Africa by creating the first African Christian Film School in Uganda.

Please welcome Wandera Joseph Mutusa from Uganda as the Director of JCFilms Africa Production Club! JCFilms Studios has pledged to help Wandera produce his fist Christian faith film this year!

Here is a short film Wandera produced and directed! Please take look!

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