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JCFilms Announces New Production Club in North Georgia

JCFilms, one of the country’s leading faith-based film companies has announced plans to launch a new production club in North Georgia. Members of the north Georgia community will now have the opportunity to join a club and work to produce quality, faith-based, family-friendly entertainment.

“The opportunities in Georgia are enormous,” said Jason Campbell, owner of JCFilms. With the migration of Hollywood to the southeast, Georgia offers an endless pool of resources in every aspect of the entertainment industry. Our hope is that some of these quality individuals will feel the pull to be a part of something greater.”

JCFilms has produced more than 50 faith-based films since its inception and recently launched its own streaming platform, JCPlus, that offers Christian films and videos.

Anyone with a desire to help get a production made is welcome to join a production club. Through partnerships with industry experts, JCFilms works with the local clubs to make sure they have what they need to produce a quality production. However, local clubs have control. Everything from casting to catering is managed locally by the people that care the most.

“We have found that there are a lot of people that share our same desire for quality entertainment that has an uplifting message and can be watched with your whole family,” said Jason. “By starting these clubs, we are able to help people get stories made, while educating them on the craft of filmmaking.”

Each club has a local executive director that is connected to their community and dedicated to making it a success. Karen Burnsed has been named the executive director of the North Georgia Production Club. With a degree in television and film production, Karen has served various companies in a marketing compacity for more than twenty-five years. She brings a wealth of experience with story-telling and production and has a passion to create films that lift people up, inspire greatness and recognize the glory and power of God.

“One of my goals for the North Georgia Club is to bring more young adults and teenagers into the filmmaking process,” said Karen. “We have a lot of talented people, young and old, who can work together to produce something special.”

The North Georgia Production Club will have their first meeting on Thursday, March 9th at 7:00p.m. at Keystone Baptist Church, located at 3303 Dallas Acworth Highway in Acworth, Ga. If you have any questions regarding the club or would like more information, you can reach out to Karen at Find us on Facebook HERE.

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