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JCFilms Celebrates the Overturning of Roe v. Wade with a New Faith Film!

“Roe v. Wade is over, and more children will live but this not a time to gloat,” said Jason Campbell President of JCFilms Studios in a recent media release. And to commemorate today, his faith and family film studio is preparing to produce its first film on the subject.

JCFilms Studios has produced over 40 faith and family films that have tackled many social issues including internet safety, opioid addiction, suicide, bullying and even police appreciation: but this summer they’re producing their first pro-life film.

Yet, this is not your typical Christian abortion movie. Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame, is about showing grace and compassion to the millions of women who have had an abortion. It’s about seeking forgiveness on both sides of this controversial issues.

Campbell, who worked for many pro-life organizations in Washington DC remembers the decades of struggles’ conservatives had in trying to protect the unborn to reach this victory, but he also recalls the many shameful methods used in the fight.

“This historical decision opens a new chapter in the pro-life movement. In the past, we shouted shame and disgrace to women who have had abortions; I hope by changing our efforts to show grace and love we can be more effective, ” Campbell said.

Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame is based on a true story about one woman's post-abortion journey to a settled and peaceful heart. Production is set to starts August 2022 in Bridgeport, WV.

Those that are interested in auditioning for the film need to contact Jason Campbell directly at:

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