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JCFilms Studios Actors Spotlight: Ellie Mae Smith

Every so often, we just want to recognize some of the tremendous talent the Lord has placed in our paths here at JCFilms Studios.  One such person is Ellie Mae Smith.


Recently, Ellie was nominated in ‘Inspiring Teens Magazine’ as a Rockstar teen that is making a difference in her young film career. 


From being the youngest American to write a script for a feature film that was produced to appearing in over two dozen movies, television shows and live theater productions. 


At just the young age of fourteen, Ellie has stood toe to toe with so great many celebrity actors including Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Eddie McClintock and Jana Lee Hamblin.  As Eddie McClintock once said about her acting, “her performances are always solid!”


Ellie is quoted in the article, “I believe my hard work and dedication to my craft and everything I do hopefully can inspire others. I am a Christian girl. I only choose to do Faith based or family friendly films because I don’t want to do anything that is not honoring God.”


JCFilms Studios honors Ellie Mae Smith and her passion to change the world for Christ through film!  Thank you Ellie for being a part of the JCFilms Studio Family!


To read her nomination article:  CLICK HERE.


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