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JCFilms Studios Actors Spotlight: Tim Perez-Ross 

It was 2013, and JCFilms Studios was in production of its second feature film VIRTUOUS.  The scene was a military boardroom where generals and government officials were deciding the fate of America.  We had brought in a new actor from Charlotte, NC to be just a one-liner in the scene.  As the scene developed, Tim Ross stole the show. 


Every so often, we just want to recognize some of the tremendous talent the Lord has placed in our paths here at JCFilms Studios.  One such person is Tim Perez-Ross.


Tim has appeared in FORTY-ONE (yes, that is correct, 41) JCFilms Studios movies.  From directing to coaching, Tim has been a vital part of the film ministry's success. 


Tim is the gold standard of acting and his passion and hard work has certainly paid off.  Next week, Tim will appear in a new television series County Rescue.  We are so proud of Tim.


 “Tim is the most dedicated film actor I know.  When people ask me, ‘how do I become a successful actor’, I always say, ‘Call Tim Ross!’ Thank you Tim for always being a part of JCFilms,”  said, Jason Campbell from JCFilms Studios.


Tim will be leading the cast in JCFilms Studios newest film, JOHN BROWN being produced in Sabetha, Kansas in March of 2024. 



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