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JCFilms Studios and Transformational Film Institute.

 In March 2024, the Sabetha Kansas JCFilms Production Club will be partnering with Transformational Film Institute and Richard Polite in the making a new faith film.


JOHN BROWN: THE ADVOCATE is based on a true story about the fiery John Brown who advocated for the Black American to be equal in what later will be called the free state of Kansas.


Transformational Film Institute is a Christian Film School based out of Frisco, TX and are assisting in the casting and crewing on the film.  The school specializes in producing Christian films. To learn More about Transformational Film Institute, CLICK HERE.


“Transformational Film Institute and it’s President, Richard Polite have been a huge help in this journey and we are looking forward to partnering with them in the production,” says Jessica Adams, Executive Director of JCFilms Studios.


The film is being directed by Dort Goodman who is an amazing historically storyteller that has a passion for telling American history showing the struggles in life and faith our country experienced in pursuit of freedom.


Dort said about the film project, “Freedom is the most precious commodity America has to offer.  It’s not something that can be brought with money despite what we think. It’s something offered to each other as human beings with respect and honor.  John Brown understood that.  As we study his life, it was clear that he truly believed that everyone deserved to be free and equal.’


To learn more about the film, CLICK HERE.

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