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JCFilms Studios attends the 2022 International Christian Film Festival.

Dozens of JCFilms Production Members were on hand as we celebrated our first year attending the International Christian Film Festival. Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms said, “This was the first time JCFilms had ever been involved in an outside film event; and it was amazing.”

In addition to seeing so many Club Members, Jason had an opportunity to speak during one of the breakout sessions about Christian Filmmaking and the Studio walked away with two awards and honors.

Break Every Chain, produced by JCFilms and Directed by Tim Searfoss won 3rd Place for Best Picture and A Moses Prayer for Easter was nominated for Best Film Trailer. In addition, many of our Production Club Members received individual awards and nominations for their work in Christian music.

And if that was not enough, JCFilms Studio picked up a new pet. Please welcome ‘Puppy Fluff’ to the JCFilms Family.

The International Christian Film Festival is a four-day event and is the largest Christian Film Festival in the world. Campbell concludes with his appreciation to have had a part in the event.

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May 10, 2022

So much interesting films and videos

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