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JCFilms Studios in Jacksonville, Florida to Release their First Club Movie.

SUCCESS CAMP is real place in Jacksonville, Florida! It is a structured, highly supervised camp that enables children to safely explore their issues, build self-confidence and reach their potential to become leaders.

For over 20 years, SUCCESS CAMP has been helping families grow into a more loving relationship of mutual respect at home. Now, some of these stories are being shared in a feature films.

This past summer, this successful camp program was being turned into a feature film starring actor Dean Cain. Cain is an American actor, producer, television presenter, and former professional football player. He is best known for playing the role of Clark Kent / Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Many local actors from the Jacksonville JCFilms Production Workgroup participated in the film including: Dean Phillippi, Glenn Ellison, Kathy Evans, Paul Schad, Keith Jowers, Liz Sarno, Holly Rae Featherston, James Baldwin, Ginger Cressman, Denver Singletary, Robert Hall, Gloria Hurley, Bobbi Belgrano, Josh Askew, Jill C. Lewis, and Kevin Joshua Burnham.

Producers of the film hope the message will help educate parents on ending behavioral problems with their kids while strengthening a better family dynamic.

“We are facing a crisis in our young people disrespecting authority, growing lazy and unmanageable, or acting out aggressively in home or at school. SUCCESS CAMP aims to break these kids from these behaviors by dramatically shifting a child’s world view,” said Glenn Ellison, founder of SUCCESS CAMP.

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