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JCFilms Studios Spotlight: Leland Mergillano

Every so often, we just want to recognize some of the tremendous talent the Lord has placed in our paths here at JCFilms Studios.  One such person is Leland Mergillano.

Six years ago, Leland Mergillano attended a JCFilms Studio’s acting class in Orlando, Florida.  Ever since then Leland and his entire family have been a vital part of our film ministry.


Recently, Leland was featured on the cover LV Magazine, and I love what the article had to say in first paragraph:


“Meet a multi-talented Teen who captures the essences of his diverse skill set and charismatic presence…Leland is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.”


And we could not agree more.  In this incredible article, Leland shares his faith and his passion for music and acting.  He says, “keep learning, keep growing, keep going and never give up on your goals and dreams.”


We at JCFilms Studios are so very proud of his accomplishments and his humility to stay connected to God and his amazing family. 




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