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JCFilms Studios to Conduct Live Dinner Theater Shows!

Everyone loves a great Who Dun it? Live actors, performing a hilarious family friendly mystery while feasting on a fantastic dinner. That’s why JCFilms Studios is preparing to launch several dinner theaters across the country.

“With over 20 JCFilms Production Clubs scattered throughout the Unites States, we just thought this was a unique way for our local actors to get involved in their communities,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

Campbell said these events will be fundraisers for future faith and family film productions. The first dinner theater performance will be held in Bridgeport, WV in September 2022.

The first production is called ‘Not Quite Hollywood’ and the play actually incorporates many of JCFilms actors including Dean Cain, Eddie McClintock and Kevin Sorbo.

Not Quite Hollywood is a murder mystery comedy that pokes fun at movie making. The plot weaves right from a movie set that includes a loud and annoying film director, a kooky casting agent, a self-taught detective, and a passionate French chef.

To learn more about JCFilms Dinner Theater and how you can bring this show to your town, please go to:

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