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JCFilms Studios to Produce a Faith-Based Reality Series.

CRUDE OIL OKIES is a new American reality television series produced by JCFilms Studios featuring actor Dean Cain. Production is set to begin early in 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

CRUDE OIL OKIES will be an hour-long, docu-style reality series which follows the struggles of daily oilfield operations. CRUDE OIL OKIES discusses the history behind “legacy” or old oil wells, the cost of keeping wells running and how to, possibly, make money from them.

With literally millions of dollars on the line, the cast of CRUDE OIL OKIES must pull out all the stops in keeping this family-owned business afloat. Everyone has a part to play.

This new faith-based reality show follows the struggles and adventures faced by owner Robert “Bob” Harmon, his family, and his quirky crew as they collect and transport oil from over 200 plus wells throughout Oklahoma.

“Oil is our life but so is our family and our faith…. that’s what we want to share from the show,” said Bob Harmon.

According to JCFilms Studios, the first 10-episodes of CRUDE OIL OKIES is scheduled to start production in early 2022.

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