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The Beacon Project was designed to help faith and family filmmakers showcase their ability create compelling content in producing a short sample of the film.


This is an opportunity for filmmakers to submit their ideas as a short film with aspirations in finding a producer or investor(s) to back the project.

The goal of The Beacon Project is to help filmmakers build interest in their stories so that they can begin to build a team in transforming their idea into a feature film.

Our Beacons

AND GOD MAD MAN is a film that explains this cultural shift. Lindsay McCabe was the fastest female swimmer in the state. Destined to secure a college scholarship she unexpectedly loses that opportunity when a male transgender high school senior beats her at the district championships. Armed to fight this new inclusive terminology proposed in Title 9, Lindsay and her team of lawyers fight for common sense justice.

Production Company:  JCFilms Studios

Stars:  Dean Cain, Michael Sigler & Kevin Sorbo.

Contact:  Jason Campbell. 304-906-5957

This film is looking to raise $10,000 to help with marketing and promotion. 

GOAL:  $10,000


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