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Just what is a JCFilms Production Club? Why should I join? And what will I do if I join?

Great questions!


Last year, JCFilms Studios produced 13 faith-based feature films and opened 10 Production Clubs. In 2022, they have a goal of producing 25 new faith films and opening up an additional 12 Production Clubs across the United states!

Jason Campbell started JCFILMS eight years ago with several faith-based films he produced with actor Erik Estrada. Campbell explains his purpose, “create quality Christian films while offering opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making.”

Today, JCFILMS has produced over 50 faith and family friendly movies. By partnering with actors Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Eddie McClintock to name a few, the goal is to change the culture for Christ by creating these Production Clubs.


Each of these Production Clubs are being created to offer both education and opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian films. Each location is designed as a hub for Christian movie making, from script writing to acting; the goal of these Clubs is to tell Christ centered redemptive stories through film by creating compelling, entertaining, and wholesome content.


First, this is not a job interview! If you are willing to serve, we have room for you. A willing heart is all you need to be part of these Clubs! Second, each Club is different, but many offer different service opportunities for each film production.

Here are a few examples:

Casting Coordinator

From lead actors to supporting leads to all the extras, most our films cast on average 50 people. We need several people with great communication skills to coordinate this effort.

Unit Production Manager

A single person job! You report directly to the Executive Producers and the Department Heads report directly to you. Much responsibility.

Administration Department

Are you talented in the details? Accounting, contracts and agreements, database management, etc.? Filmmaking is a business and we need people that are professional and know business.

Production Assistance

You are on set everyday working directly with the filmmakers. From moving lights and cameras to maybe even fanning off an actor so he/she does not melt under the lights.


Securing all the needed locations for the film production. From coordinating parking to securing actual set locations…busy, busy!

Set Designers/Construction

Perhaps we need a living room to look like Christmas morning or help converting a church into a college campus - that’s your job!

Props Master

First you have to find them. Then, you have to make sure they are on set the day we shoot the scene. Very creative and detailed position.


Dean Cain doesn’t ‘fly’ to the set each day, nor will a lot of the other talent. We have to get them to and from. Vans & SUV’s welcomed!


Exhaustively detailed. Designing and planning the wardrobe for each actor and extras in each scene is creative and artistic.

Hair & Make-up

Cosmetology experience preferred but not required.

Craft Services

We all have to eat! Feeding a cast and crew of 30+ people each day working 12-hour days; 6 days a week is tremendous project all on its own! Will you help organize and plan the meals for our film family? Maybe you have a delicious casserole you want to share!

Set Photographer

From those serious to funny moments on the set, we like to capture them all with still photography.

Prayer & Encouragement Team

A wise man once said, “Nothing of eternal significance is ever accomplished apart from prayer.” We believe and live that!

Community & Media

Invading a community with a film crew can either be disruptive or a blessing. We want to be a blessing! Help us represent Christ as we partner with the community.


“Where did it go?” How many times have you said that when watching a film? Watch each scene with the Director to make sure each new take is just like the last.

Script Supervisor

An actor saying ‘barn’ when they should have said ‘farm’ can throw the whole movie plot off course. You will work directly with the Director as you follow each line word for word, take after take.

So, if you or your family are looking for a place where you can collaborate with other creative believers in using your experiences and skills to change the culture for Christ, look no further. Contact please contact our National Director Bobby Lacer at: 270-844-9551 or Email:

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