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Kansas City 'Here We Come!' JCFilms Studios Opens New Production Club!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

It all began when Dorothy Goodman wanted to tell the story of her small town's historical beginning in Northeast Kansas.

As she started to write, Dorothy quickly realized that bringing written words to visual a action with a movie could be more powerful. So, this Dorothy, from Kansas, used her imagination and made a film!

“It was this experience that led me to start a JCFilms Studios Production Club in Kansas. I want to continue to tell stories that lift, impact and encourage people,’ Dorothy said.

JCFILMS STUDIOS operates about twenty of these satellite Production Clubs around the world. Each club not only produces faith and family entertainment, but they collaborate with other creative people of faith in their communities.

The purpose of this new Kansas Production Club is to cultivate a community of likeminded filmmakers, creators, and talent who come together to produce family-friendly feature films with positive and impactful messages that cut across into mainstream audiences.

For more information about this Kansas Production Club Click Here!

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