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More Clubs! More Opportunities!

From script writing to post-production, each JCFilms Production Clubs are make a difference in their communities by making high-quality, compelling faith and family friendly movies.

These creative Christian based film clubs are collaborating with other creative believers in using our experiences and skills to change the culture for Christ. Please welcome our newest club directors.

Elisa Cuervo Clark, Cleveland OH

Elsa began her career in TV and film almost 2 decades ago. In 2018 she was introduced to an organization dedicated to the advancement women in the film and TV industry and served as one of the founder members of an Ohio chapter of Women In Film, becoming its first President. Women In Film and TV Ohio. In 2021, her film entitled, ‘The Long Drive Home’, garnered her a prestigious Telly Award for Directing and Executive Producing. Elisa also creating a non-profit organization, Hispanic FilmMakers Of Cleveland, whose purpose is to unite Hispanic & Latino filmmakers, writers, actors, producers together to offer education, networking and funding opportunities in the Cleveland area. WELCOME ELISA!

Imani Khiry, Cleveland, OH

Recently known for his role as Randall Williams in the feature length film "Made In Cleveland" (2013) which was nominated for “Best Narrative Feature” at the “Great Lakes International Film Festival in 2013. In addition to appearing in many JCFilms movies, he has worked on numerous other films including a short film entitled “Relics” which won “Best Picture, Best Director, Best acting and was nominated for three other awards at the Cleveland State Film Festival. As an actor, Imani believes in the power to move people through his talents. Touching generations spiritually knowing his well-being and purpose will leave a mark in someone heart. WELCOME IMANI!

Rachel Torres, Elizabethtown, PA

Rachel’s interest for filmmaking first began when she was an extra in a faith-based short film at the age of 14. Even though the film was never released, the experience changed her life. Seven years later she felt God leading her into the direction of Filmmaking while in college. Presently, she volunteers at her church by running stationary cameras during weekend gatherings. Now that she is graduated, she wishes to apply the knowledge that she obtained in school towards the JCFilms Elizabethtown Production Club. She looks forward to receiving advice from other JCFilms members and taking part in changing the culture of Christian filmmaking with fellow believers. WELCOME RACHEL!

To learn how you can start or get involved in a JCFilms Production Club in your community please visit:

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