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More Films Coming to WV!

JCFilms Studios is launching an aggressive campaign to make a film in all 55 counties in West Virginia. So far, this West Virginia based film ministry has produced films in six counties.

This new film initiative was not only created to break the unwarranted stereotype about films being produced in West Virginia but to provide more opportunities for people in the Mountain State to become more involved in faith and family filmmaking.

JCFilms Studios makes Christian films, in fact they make a lot of them, with the majority of them already being produced in West Virginia and featuring actors like Dean Cain, Edie McClintock and Kevin Sorbo.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explains, “Unfortunately, the majority of feature films produced in West Virginia are negative. One way we can change that is by travelling to each county in the state and finding the uplifting, positive and inspiring stories.”

JCFilms Studios hopes to use these films to show audiences around the world the beauty, goodness and the unique culture West Virginia offers. To date the film ministry has produced feature films with actor Dean Cain in Harrison, Lewis, Upshur, Cabell, Monongalia, and Pleasants Counties.

Campbell and his team are expected to announce several more counties that have signed up for their 2024 production schedule.

Campbell gives his three reasons for launching this new West Virginia film indicative. “First, the available resources provided in West Virginia for filmmaking are amazing, from the kindness of each community to the available locations to the awe and spectacular beauty of the state. Second, the Mountain State is not only loaded with amazing and talented actors and actresses but also qualified and creative filmmakers. Lastly, and most importantly my family and I live in Bridgeport.”

For more information about JCFilms Studios, please visit:

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Jan 03

We have the most beautiful state and Capitol in the nation!


Dec 19, 2023

Good luck and God bless this endeavor! Marie Adams Burrell, Hinton WV

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