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New End of Days Film Coming Soon!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

This year JCFilms Studios will make its first attempt in creating a faith-based post-apocalyptic film.

APOCALYPSE: The Key to the Realms tells the story of a young girl that holds the key in connecting both the earthly and heavenly realms together. Based 20 some years in the future, this film depicts a world that was destroyed by disease and fear caused by years of multiple epidemics.

True to most films in this genre, APOCALYPSE: The Key to the Realms will depict themes of hopelessness, terror, and the remnants of lone survivors; however, JCFilms is adding an important element that often gets overlooked in these futuristic films.

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explains, “While Hollywood is obsessed in depicting the end of civilization without God, we’re staying true to the fact that God still has a presence in the end times.”

The film will feature actor Kevin Sorbo and production is set to start in late February 2022. Directed by Bobby Lacer, this film will be a collaborative project with among the Louisville, Kentucky and Bridgeport, West Virginia - JCFilms Studio Production Clubs. For more information, please visit

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