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New Father's Day film set to be released!

There are a lot of single fathers out there as fifty two percent of marriages end in divorce. Often in these cases there are custody battle issues, and the children end up paying the price. The court system can be unfair to both mothers and fathers, but most often it is the father who is denied his parental rights, even when he is the more capable parent.

JCFilms upcoming movie ‘Fathers’ tells the story of these custody struggles from the dads point of view. The film does not imply mothers don’t face challenges too, but the father’s side of the story is rarely heard and is easily marginalized. Just look at most TV shows or commercials, the dad is always some kind of bumbling fool who needs someone else to show him what to do.

The financial stress custody battles cause is very real. Often a father will end up spending money he could have saved for his child's education on legal fees. Custody battles born of bitterness can end up causing chaos for all involved, and before you know it all the precious years of childhood have gone by.

‘Fathers’ explores how dads must persevere, and how good moms can come to the rescue of children who may be their child’s playmate or friend at school. This story happens every day, yet no one ever wants to talk about it, until now!

Through the release of 'Fathers’ JCFilms hopes to play a part in healing the hearts of those suffering in silence. Sometimes just acknowledging the truth of what goes on is the first step in finding peace and wholeness. ‘Fathers’ is a pro-family movie, and it underscores the need for children to have both parents in their lives and how no one can ever replace mom or dad. Our hope is that this film will open some eyes and have a lasting impact.

‘Fathers’ is JCFilms Phoenix Production Club's first film and is set to be released ahead of Father’s Day 2022. will be filmed in early September 2021 and be released early 2022.

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Apr 26, 2022

Let us how we can see this film, please!

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