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New Film with a Needed Message! Never, Ever Quit!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

JCFilms Studios will be travelling to California this Fall to shoot an amazing new football drama FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR in connection with both its Los Angeles and San Diego Production Clubs.

FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR is based on the life of Marty Reichman, who had quit on everything in his life until he decided to start going back and making good on his broken promises. One of many ambitions he abandoned was college football. So, after he learned he was still eligible, Marty re-enrolled in college and joined the team as the oldest college football player in American history at age 44.

The idea for the film came about when Marty told his story to actor James Belushi. Then, the film was named ‘The Catch’ and was quickly picked up by Lionsgate Entertainment. READ HERE.

Now, the rights have been granted to JCFilms Studios for production.

“This new generation of 'Quiet Quitters' is hurting our culture. Whether it be family, work or God, young people are quitting on just about everything. We hope this film encourages perseverance. ” says Jason Campbell of JCFilms Studios.

FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR, written by Phillip G. Thurman and starring Dean Cain and famed NFL Quarterback Jim McMahon is slated to be produced in Bridgeport, WV in late October 2023.

For more information about FOURTH AND FORTY-FOUR please visit

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