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New Las Vegas Film on the Summer Schedule!

It’s been said, ‘the best movies are rooted in reality’ and now, Monica Almaguer is telling her story in a new JCFilms Studio faith-based movie called STARSTRUCK.

It all started last year, when Monica learned of JCFilms and their ministry efforts in producing faith and family films. Her son, Camden Villasenor was attending film school and thought it would be a good connection for him to visit.

So, Monica and Camden left their home in Las Vegas, NV and flew across the country to learn more about JCFilms while they were in production of their film CHOSEN.

As Camden worked alongside the crew during the day, Monica’s wheels started turning after learning about the JCFilms Production Clubs scattered throughout the United States.

It was then she decided to start a Las Vegas chapter of JCFilms. Then, God gave her a creative thought. You see their experience of traveling to Ohio was divinely and humorously disastrous. Missed flight, rental car glitches, hotel mishaps, the list goes on.

So now, her and Camden have penned that experience in a new film called STARSTRUCK and production of this new faith film starts this summer!

“The script is an engaging, humorous and authentic. We’re so pleased that the Las Vegas Club is up and running,” said Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

STARSTRUCK will star actor Eddie McClintock and is set to start production on July 6, 2022, in beautiful Las Vegas, NV!

To learn more and to get involved Click Here.

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