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New Production Club Alert! Charleston, SC.

From ‘Forest Gump’ to ‘The Notebooks,’ Charleston, South Carolina has been home to so many great films. Now, JCFILMS STUDIOS, is opening another one of its Production Clubs to this historic city!

JCFILMS STUDIOS operates about twenty of these satellite Production Clubs around the world. Each club not only produces faith and family entertainment, but they collaborate with other creative people of faith in their communities.

The purpose of the Charleston, SC Production Club is to cultivate a community of likeminded filmmakers, creators, and talent who come together to produce family-friendly feature films with positive and impactful messages that cut across into mainstream audiences.

This new club will be under the direction of Wayne D Burdette Jr. Wayne is an award-winning screenplay writer, author, producer, & Chaplain. He has a passion for faith-based films and is excited to be joining with JCFilms to bring the organization to his hometown of Charleston.

“I look forward to establishing a family of creative individuals that want to be involved in the entertainment industry and producing the best in faith-based films,” Wayne said.

Be sure to follow the Charleston, SC Production Club by clicking HERE.

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