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Next Stop! Las Vegas!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, my family and I vacationed in Las Vegas. Now, I know you might be thinking that Vegas is not the place for a family vacation with kids. However, there’s more to Vegas than meets the eye.

In fact, last year almost 25% of all tourists that vacationed in Las Vegas brought children with them. Heather and I were amazed at all the wonderful attractions aimed for children.

Even beyond the strip, we saw communities of enthusiastic believers and an independent film community that’s ready to share their faith and passion for film within their hometown of Las Vegas.

And JCFilms Studios is going to help them do just that!

Now, it’s no secret that actor Dean Cain has moved to Vegas. But so have many other movie makers and Hollywood notables. I reckon they moved there because they’ve seen what we saw. A hidden gem for filmmaking.

In 2024, JCFilms Studios will be producing a dozen faith and family films in Las Vegas. Patterning with local churches along with Dean Cain and Producer Sean Stanek, we are committing to produce at least one film per month in 2024.

Auditions for our first feature film will start in early January 2024. For those interested in getting involved CLICK HERE.

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20 dic 2023

Linda Evans: Western OH, (Toledo to Cincinnati) Tucson & Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, Fl.

My new email is: MFA in directing & filmmaking from Columbia College, Chicago. Screenwriting Professor. Multi-award winning playwright & screenwriter. As winner of the 2022 Primary for Legislative District, 18 in AZ I have been down to the Southern Border (Arizona) twice! Against Human & Drug trafficking!

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