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Depending on who you ask, Pickleball is either an addictive recreational activity or the next big professional sport, but undeniably, it’s causing a pandemonium.


Hence, JCFilms Studios wants to celebrate this crave by producing the first Pickleball feature film simply entitled, PICKLEBALL PANDEMONIUM.


With production starting in June of 2024, the JCFilms South Florida Studio will be in production of a new faith and family film featuring actors Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo that highlights the wonderful sport of PICKLEBALL.


And if that’s not exciting enough, the producers on the project and looking Pickleball enthusiast to get involved.  The production is offering walk-on roles for Pickleball players of all ages to join the production as cast members. 


“This is a great opportunity for those that love the sport and are looking for a way to get involved in the production," explains Jason Campbell, president of JCFilms Studios.


The film tells the story about a small Florida city council that refuses to build Pickle Ball Courts for their town. In protest, a group of unlikely Pickleball enthusiasts enter a South Florida Pickle Ball Tournament in the hopes of winning $50,000 to build Pickle Ball Courts in their community. 


PICKLEBALL PANDEMONIUM is a heartwarming comedy that shows how a group of Pickleball misfits unselfishly use their love for the sport to teach others about the game and rebuild a community. 


For those interested in getting involved CLICK HERE.


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