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Product Placement & JCFilms Studios

Now you can advertise your business, product, or service in our films when you partner with JCFilms Studios in producing high quality, wholesome family entertainment.   


Product placement in movies refers to goods or services seen or heard in a film. Specifically, instances where the brand pays for exposure or provides its products free of charge for the filmmakers to use.


From beverages, clothing, accessories, electronics, hotels, cars, personal hygiene products, the proverbial sky’s the limit regarding items that could be leveraged for product placement in a JCFilms Studio’s movie. Here are the two types of Product Placement Packages we offer:



This is a type of product placement where the inclusion of a particular brand or item is integral to the story being told in the film.  Take for example, Reese’s Pieces in the 1982 hit E.T.



This is the most common type of product placement where the product is seen or even mentioned by name but it does not necessarily move the plot along in any meaningful way. They’re just there. Which oftentimes is just enough. Think Maverick’s Ray-Bans in Top Gun or Bond’s Aston Martins and Omega watches. Here, audiences notice the inclusion of brands in our films.


With product placement packages starting as low as $2,000 this lucrative opportunity allows your brand to be seen by millions while helping JCFilms Studios produce more wholesome family-oriented entertainment. 


Please reach out to Jason at  and we will find a way to a mutually beneficial arrangement with JCFilms Studios and your brand.


JCFilms Studios produces faith and family feature films.  All our films are wholesome in content and free from uncomfortable surprises with a target audience for the entire family.  They have over 80 feature films in their library, operate two dozen satellite Production Clubs around the world, host their own streaming platform called JC+, and produce an average of 20 films each year. 


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