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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Both make films….

Both have streaming platforms….

Both host film festivals…..

An outsider looking in would view Jason Campbell (JCFILMS STUDIOS) and Marty Jean-Louis (24 FLIX) as competitors. Yet, their passion for changing the world for Christ is much greater than any contest.

Let’s face it, the faith and family film industry is very competitive. From casting to distribution, the challenges almost force us to be self-reliant and independent. But these two leaders in this space understand that to succeed, teamwork is essential.

This February, Jason and Marty will be partnering in Producing and Directing a new faith film entitled ‘BREAK THE CYCLE.” With over 50 in the cast including notable actors like Dean Cain, Taryn Manning, Karen Abercrombie, Eddie McClintock and Julie McCullough the two know that partnering was better than going at it alone.

Marty explains, “BREAK THE CYCLE has been in the works for nearly a year. Jason and I both met Mr. Cyril Prabhu at The International Christian Film & Music Festival and started collaborating on how we can do something about the issue of fatherlessness and now, instead of competing against each other, we are collaborating for such an amazing Kingdom project.”

Jason hopes this collaboration will echo into the faith film industry and encourage other faith filmmakers to be more collaborative.

“Our efforts in making the film BREAK THE CYCLE could help in breaking the cycle in how so many people of faith in this space are overtly critical of one another,” Campbell said.

Both are excited and cannot wait for the world to see what they have been working on for the last eight months when the film is screened at the 2023 International Christian Film Festival.

For more information about the film, please visit

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