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THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY THAT CREATED WEST VIRGINIA is a new feature film being produced by JCFilms Studios in June 2023. This faith and family film tells an unknown story that didn’t make the history books.

While most people (at least here in WV) know that we were created out of the Civil War, less well-known is the fact that West Virginia was originally funded with money stolen from a Weston, West Virginia bank in 1861. So, when British heiress, Caroline Andrews, comes to Weston to reclaim her family’s money she encounters many wonderful and unexpected experiences.

THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY THAT CREATED WEST VIRGINIA is the first of many films project coming to West Virginia in part of the Studios new film Initiative aimed at producing more positive and family friendly films in the Mountain State.

“Unfortunately, the majority of feature films produced in West Virginia are negative. Our goal through this film initiative is help rewrite the narrative and eliminate unwarranted stereo­types about the state,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios.

This new film that stars actor Dean Cain best known for his role as Clark Kent / Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Emmy nominated actress Kera O'Bryon.

Lewis County Commissioner, Agnes Queen could not agree more, “We want to help in making uplifting, positive and inspiring films depicting the beauty and goodness of West Virginia.”

For those interested in the production of this movie being produced in Lewis County or suggesting another film idea based in West Virginia should visit:

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