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What are the Chances?

The debate over transgender athletes competing in high school sports has hit ground zero in Bridgeport, West Virginia.  Ironically, Bridgeport, WV is the home of JCFilms Studios, a faith & family movie production company, that is about to release a film on the same subject.


In the film, AND GOD MADE MAN the storyline depicts a high school girl swimmer who loses her opportunity for a college scholarship to a transgender athlete.  The film features actors Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo and is currently being considered for distribution with Angel Studios. 


Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms Studios and a resident of Bridgeport, WV who also serves on the Bridgeport’s City Council said, “What are the chances that the city we filmed in regarding transgenders competing in high school sports is becoming the national epicenter for this debate."


Last month, a United States Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a West Virginia law that bars biological boys from competing on girls' sports teams cannot be enforced with regard to a 13-year-old who competes on the girls' track and field team at Bridgeport Middle School.


From that ruling, several opposing team members at a local track and field competition "stepped out" and refused to compete against their transgender opponent. This action resulted in a suspension of those students from their next competition. 


In response, parents of local schools have filed mulitple lawsuits, resulting in Bridgeport, WV garnering national media attention.  Campbell is encouraged that the citizens of Bridgeport are becoming more vocal in opposition against allowing transgenders to compete in local sports and their ability to use school bathrooms and locker rooms with the opposite sex.


 “Last year we wanted to tell the story on how biological boys should not be allowed to compete against biological girls in high school athletics.  At the time, we figured this was going to just be a history of the controversy.  We never imagined it would become a reality,” said Campbell.

You can view the TRAILER for AND GOD MADE MAN here.


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