Why YOUR CHURCH Should Screen One of These Films?

Everyone likes movies!

Our events our aimed at the whole community.  A movie night is a great way to bring 'unchurched' people to church!  And, you can feel safe to know that all our films are Dove Family Approved!  


We provide all the promotional materials!

From posters, videos, bulletin inserts to even sample press releases all your promotional materials are a click away!  We are now offering an new OUTDOOR MOVIE SCREEN during our Summer Family Movie Night Program.


A Celebrity from the film will attend!

Yes, one or more JC Films team member will attend each and every screening!  Please Click Here to view our list of celebrities that may attend!



We ask for no financial obligation form the church other than free will love offering!






I know you will agree with me that Christian movies are effective tools in reaching people to Christ!  Films do work! 


For four years, JCFilms has been traveling into churches all over America sharing the greatest message ever told!  Now, we want to come to your church! 

Call to Schedule  YOUR CHURCH! 



Please contact me about hosting a screening?

Thank you. We will get back with you in 24 hours.