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Only God Can TIE the RIBBON.

In the Chapman family, the generation ribbon is tied in each bride’s hair on her wedding day and then pinned to the blanket of her newborn on they day the baby is brought home. What happens when the ribbon can’t tie all the pieces together?


The Ribbon explores the contrasts between a middle class newly wed couple with overbearing parents and an unmarried couple in poverty with alcoholism, relationship abuse, and no extended family support.


As the wife, Molly, battles post-partum depression and failure to meet extended family expectations, which threaten to end her marriage, Kristin, the pregnant teenage mother, fights for identity, goals, and achievement to find her way out of the risk factors that are stacked against her. Although they have little in common, crossing paths with each other turns out to be healing for all of them and enables them to all address the issues they need to face with their families of origin, with God at the center of healing.

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