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Apocalypse: Key to the Realms tells the story of a young girl that holds the key in connecting both the Earthly and Heavenly realms. Based in the present day, then fast-forwarding some 20 years into the future, this film depicts a world that was destroyed by disease and fear caused by years of pandemics and social unrest.


Apocalypse: Key to the Realms is a fictional depiction of the Bible's book of Revelation and the first chapter in a trilogy series. It follows a small group of people during the years leading up to the rapture, the eventual rise of the Beast, and finally, the glorious return of Jesus Christ.


True to most films in this genre, Apocalypse: Key to the Realms will depict themes of hopelessness, terror and the remnants of lone survivors; however, JCFilms Studios and Little Chicago Pictures are adding an important faith-based element that often gets overlooked in these futuristic and apocalyptic films.


Directed by Bobby Lacer, this film marks the first stand-alone project for the JCFilms Production Club of Louisville, Kentucky. 


Production of APOCALYPSE: The Key to the Realms is set to be produced in late April 2022.  The film will feature actor
Dean Cain.

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