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APOCALYPSE: The Key to the Realms tells the story of a young girl that holds the key in connecting both the earthly and heavenly realms together. Based 20 some years in the future, this film depicts a world that was destroyed by disease and fear caused by years of multiple epidemics.


True to most films in this genre, APOCALYPSE: The Key to the Realms will depict themes of hopelessness, terror, and the remnants of lone survivors; however, JCFilms is adding an important element that often gets overlooked in these futuristic films.  


Directed by Bobby Lacer, this film will be a collaborative project with among the Louisville, Kentucky and Bridgeport, West Virginia - JCFilms Studio Production Clubs. 


Production of APOCALYPSE: The Key to the Realms is set to be produced in late February 2022.  The film will feature actor Kevin Sorbo.