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Open Casting Call

Burnt Hickory Baptist Church

5145 Due West Rd NW

Powder Springs, GA 30127



Saturday, April 20, 2024

9AM - 3PM

Sunday, April 21, 2024

2PM - 6PM


Casting 10+ TEEN & PRETEEN roles! (Ages 11 - 20)
Casting 10+ ADULT roles! (Ages 35 - 55)

I HAVE A NAME is not the typical heartfelt foster film, it is relatable for anyone going through the foster care journey. The film will feature actor Dean Cain and will produced in Atlanta, Georgia in June of 2024.




  • When you arrive, you will have the opportunity to select Audition Sides from the script of the movie.  These Audition Sides will only be several sentences.  Take as long as you need to prepare and there is no need to memorize.  

  • Once you are ready, add your name to the audition list.  We will call names in order to the private audition room.

  • You will only be auditioning in front of the writer, director and a mystery actor from the film.

  • During the audition you will read the lines from the Audition Sides.   


  • You may, read a prepared monologue or something else you have pre-prepared.  


  • The audition time is less than 4 minutes per person.

What to Expect?  

What to Bring?

If you have an Acting Resume or Headshot that would be nice, but not necessary.  

It really would be nice if you left a picture of yourself with the director after auditioning.  Just saying. 


Please be between the ages of 11 - 20 when auditioning for the teen roles.


We have over 10+ Pre and teenage roles available in the film, so your chances are very good that we will find a part for you.  A very , very good chance!  


3.  The filming will require a week commitment the first week of Jne 2024.


5.  Don't freak out about auditioning.  They are closed auditions and painless.  


6.  Be sure to tell the Director your hobbies; such as sports, music, cheerleading, dance, etc...

2. If you cannot make this Casting Call, please email your Resume, Headshot & Reel (if you have one) to Deadline is April 20, 2024.

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