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GOD MADE MAN is a new feature film that questions the creation of man.  We already, God followed a pattern in his perfect creation. He separated heaven from earth, light from darkness and water from the ground.  And when God made humanity, He made two sexes: male and female.


Today, our politicians and media have convinced a new generation that gender is a flexible trait based on the idea that anatomy is not an absolute, and that you can now just choose what gender you want to be.


And make no mistake, our young people are buying it!  In fact, Time magazine called transgender the next civil rights movement and it’s on track to be a massive cultural shift for this next generation. 


Let’s do something about it.  Let’s make a film to set the narrative straight to protect our children and grandchildren.


GOD MADE MAN is not a hit piece on trans community it’s a film about truth and grace, and we love for you to be involved. 


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