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Alternating between present day Arizona and 1969 rural Ohio, and based on a true story, In God’s Time chronicles an act of Christian charity. When a troubled photographer arrives at the Fraley home to shoot a family portrait, he learns their story. A young Bob and Barb Fraley felt called by God to provide a home for the six Mitchell children (aged 4 to 18) when a tragic car accident kills their parents. They encounter resistance from family and friends as they fight for guardianship of the orphans. Standing strong in their Faith, they are awarded guardianship.


Doubting Bob and Barb’s selfless acts, the photographer cynically questions their motives. But as the story unfolds, he hears of the children’s grief and loss; the fear of the unknown future; and he sees how Bob and Barb stabilized their world. As problems mount and the walls close in, the Fraleys pray for an answer. And true to God’s word, help arrives from unexpected places. Neighbors and strangers, inspired by Bob and Barb’s Christian act, lend a helping hand. Soon a new home is built for the new family and the children find peace in their new life.


As the photographer takes the portrait of the combined Fraley and Mitchell family, he sees what life offers when you hold true to your Faith. He’s inspired by the power of selfless love and the life-changing effects it has on the world.


In God’s Time is a Christian story that inspires.

It shows the power of love and how it can change lives in wonderous ways.