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Finding quality, faith-based entertainment for kids and families is a huge challenge. That’s why JCFilms Studios has created this new national streaming service, JC+


When you join our JCFilms Studios Producers Club you get free and exclusive access to JC+. 


JC+ is a ministry of JCFilms Studios and allows you and your family  to view hundreds of Christian movies, cooking and creative shows, kids’ favorites, music specials, comedies and more!

JCFilms Studios exists to engage our culture through superbly produced faith-based feature films. They operate several faith and family PRODUCTION CLUBS across America. Each location offers both education and opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making.

Producer Club Members donate $10 per month that fund the films for our Production Clubs. They are in fact partnering with us and Dean Cain in helping us create more faith-based films. In addition, Producer Club Members get a few perks:

  • Free access to JC+ (Over 250 Movies!)

  • Free access to ALL JCFilms’ Christian Film Events. (Save $75 per event)

  • Preferred Casting in our films.

  • Invitation to JCFilms Annual Celebrity Christmas Party.

  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletter.

  • They get to see all our New Releases First!

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