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2023 JCFilms Studios Film Camp is a Wrap!

Filmmaking, acting, camp life and Jesus were all highlighted at this year’s inaugural Film Camp.

The JCFilms Studio’s Film Camp was created to allow young people to witness all aspects of Christin filmmaking while being in an actual film at a real camp!

This year, the teens that participated got the opportunity to be in two faith films with actor Dean Cain. However, the most significant event of the week is that sixteen campers made decisions for Christ.

“That’s what this is all about. Connecting kids to Jesus,” said Camp Director, Keith Rose.

FILM CAMP tells the story about a group of teens that attend a camp in rural West Virginia that’s in trouble and then use their creative talents to help. This delightfully family comedy follows a bunch of underestimated kids as they discover their passion in wanting to make meaningful Christian movies.

FILM CAMP is set to be released in October 2023 and the teens involved in this year’s camp are already preparing script ideas for FILM CAMP 2024.

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