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2024 Film Camp Announcing New Film and Opens Registration!

Last year, over 30 young people from all over the United States came to West Virginia to attend the first ever JCFilms' Film Camp. The camp was created for teens to experience all aspects of Christin filmmaking while being in an actual film.

It was a wonderful experience and at the end of the week campers had an opportunity to be in a Dean Cain feature film called: FILM CAMP. Their movie FILM CAMP is set to be released by December 2023.

Film Camp is an opportunity for young people to spend time working directly with film professionals to help advance their film goals while making a Christian film. This weeklong experience blends not only an exciting hands-on approach to filmmaking, but each camper gets a role in the film!

Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms explains, “Everyone got to be in the movie, but more importantly many decisions for Christ were made and this was the sole reason for all the effort.”

Because last years’ Film Camp was so amazing, JCFilms Studios is already preparing for next summer. And the story line for this year’s film camp is coming directly from last year’s campers as many of them have already submitted script ideas.

This year’s movie is entitled, AFTERMATH and tells a story that is weirdly overlooked in many Christian rapture films. What about the kids?

Picture this, it's a post-rapture world, and the Mark of the Beast is a hand implant that serves as credit card and ID. It's illegal to worship God and those without the implant find survival nearly impossible. But when a group of teens realize this was the promised Biblical rapture, they start an underground society in rural West Virginia to protect against the evil.

AFTERMATH is based on actual events that have yet to happen. It’s a gripping story about a group of teenagers that must band together to protect their lives and defend their faith. In forming their own secret civilization, they prove that even young people can make a significant difference in life-threatening situations.

FILM CAMP and the production of AFTERMATH will be from June 15 – 24 and will held at Camp Faith in Shinnston, WV. So, whether you’re an aspiring actor, creative writer, or an ambitious filmmaker this camp and film is for you!

To learn more about this opportunity CLICK HERE.

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